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So here’s my new Baby, Lachlan :D

He’s of course named after Robert Carlyle’s character from “California Solo”, Lachlan MacAldonich.

He’s 8 weeks old, healthy and has joined my family today.

He’s been extra sweet. He’s a huggy boy, quite woobie and just perfect.

His new family greeted him with mixed emotions :

Marcus (the red and white cat in the last pic) and Barnaby gave him a wash.

Galahad is a total diva and is snapping at everyone.

Sissy has hissed on him, he hissed back and that’s pretty much it.

Evil and Hercule have taken a tiny interest but are mostly indifferent.

So I think this little boy is going to be a perfect addition to my family :D He has already eaten, drunk, washed himself, hugged me and fallen asleep on his little cushion on my desk. So I think everything is going alright. :D

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